Truckstop services

Mark can provide a range of services, from audio editing and uploading, to website maintenance and marketing help. If you’re looking for podcast hosting, check out Podiant. Truckstop clients receive an exclusive discount available only by working with Mark.

Audio production

Trimming and editing

Good editing is completely undetectable, and should sound as natural as unaltered speech. A good podcast editor's job is to make the host and audio sound their sharpest and smartest, while preserving their natural speech patterns.

Filtering and EQ

Listeners consume podcasts in so many ways, from smart speakers to earbuds, that clarity is always the primary concern. Mark uses a number of professional filters to help speakers' voices cut through the noise, without sounding distorted.


Interview podcasts work best with an intro to welcome new listeners, breed familiarity and add context to the upcoming discussion. Mark can seamlessly integrate opening and closing monologues, giving your show that professional sound.

Active editing

If you want more than a cursory trimming of your audio, Mark can work with you to find and highlight the best parts of your episodes' content, so you end up with a tighter, more concise discussion your listeners will engage with.


A memorable theme tune will help cement your podcast in listeners' minds. Mark can work with you to find the perfect piece of music that suits your voice and the tone of the podcast, and ensure you have the necessary licenses.

House style

Each podcast has its own grammar: a structural rule set that is difficult to describe, but easy to identify. Mark will help establish your house style and stick consistently to it, letting the sound of your podcast evolve naturally over time.

Podcast feed and website

Rich show notes

Clear and concise summaries help listeners understand what they're going to get from listening to an episode, and links to resources add further context. Mark can prepare this content as part of the editing and upload process.

Prepping and posting

Unlike Podiant, not all hosting solutions take care of ID3 tagging or handling episode-specific artwork, so if you're using a service that doesn't provide these options, Mark can do that for you, giving you an MP3 file that's ready to play everywhere.

Artwork and brand

There are very specific requirements about podcast artwork that it's necessary to abide by, in order to be listed by Apple Podcasts. Mark can help you with your podcast artwork, so it reflects your own brand.

Talking tech

If you have an existing web presence as part of your company or brand, Mark can work with your web consultant or engineer to integrate the podcast into your website, regardless of where it's hosted.

Website design

Whether you're looking to increase your reach or gather more leads, a clean, engaging, mobile-first website is key to listener engagement. With years of web design experience, Mark is one of few podcast consultants with the background to provide just that.


Podcasts can be consumed on so any different platforms, it can be difficult to keep up. Mark will ensure your podcast is available to hear on all major platforms and devices, including Spotify and optionally the Amazon Alexa device family.

Podcast growth

Regular review

It's easy to get lost in the cycle of booking guests, preparing, recording and promoting, so it's important to take some time regularly to review the position of the podcast. Mark can do this with just you or your team, so everyone has the same goals in mind.


As a professional audiobook narrator, Mark has recorded dozens of hours of speech, so whether you're looking to establish a casual tone or one with authority, he can help coach you on your presentation, with advice tailored specifically to the podcast medium.

Sharing and social

Audio is uniquely difficult to share online, but there are tools, apps and services that can help produce enticing clips that leave potential listeners wanting more, and Mark can help navigate that space and even proce some social content for you.


An online community presence -- whether it's a Facebook group or a forum on Reddit -- is a clubhouse for your fans. Mark can help you build, moderate and maintain your community, to keep your listeners informed and engaged with your show.